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    Founded in 1996 by Elio Alnetti, X-RAY MODELS is one of the leading model agencies in-Athens + out. Through the years, X-RAY MODELS always has the right pulse for the business and fashion trends, in order to scout and develop the best faces for national and international clients. X-RAY MODELS knowledge and experience brought up signed contracts with some of the best internationally known clients, such as D&G, HERMES, ARMANI, TOM FORD, etc. X-RAY MODELS team commitment to the personalities that represents, is its greatest asset. As an agency pioneer, X-RAY MODELS continues to challenge itself and broaden opportunities for all its clients and models.

    Kostas Avgoulis ΦωτογράφοςKostas Avgoulis
    Spyros Papakonstantinou ΜοντέλοSpyros Papakonstantin.
    Julia Parfeniuk Aggelos Siannis
    Yiorgos Karavas Viktoria Viktorenkova