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    Olga Martzoukou is a portrait photographer located in Athens, Greece. Born in 1988, she has developed an increasing interest in portrait photography over the last two years. She is constantly trying to stay inspired and improve her knowledge and skills. She is available for portrait, fashion, editorial, glamour, creative and beauty photography. Her prints are also available for purchase.

    Features, Interviews & Exhibitions

    fuctART issue #18 (September 2012)
    TICW (October 2012)
    Liberaeva magazine (November 2012)
    Fashionising.com: Paraskevi by Olga Martzoukou (February 2013)
    Fashionising.com: Nafsika by Olga Martzoukou (February 2013)
    Fashionising.com: Ifigenia by Olga Martzoukou (March 2013)
    Eccentric Edge Magazine, The Premiere Issue (March 2013)
    Photovision, Imaging Exhibition: Participated with 'Red III' (5-8 April 2013)
    500px.com: Featured in Editor's choice with 'Red V' (April 2013)
    G-Likes.gr | Όλγα Μαρτζούκου - Φωτογράφος (May 2013), in Greek only
    1x.com: "Amaranthus" is published (June 2013)
    1x.com: "Redemption" is published (July 2013)
    Pro Photographers Magazine | Vol 1 (October 2013)
    Book cover for the New York Times & USA Today best selling author S.L. Jennings 'Nikolai' (November 2013)
    1x.com: "The puppet" is published (November 2013)
    Pro Photographers Magazine | Vol 2 | Page 132 (Nοvember 2013)
    deviantart.com: 3 daily deviation features in the category People & Portraits (2012-2013)
    Dark Beauty Magazine (December 2013)
    Get Inspired Magazine (January 2014)

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