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    AgentRepresents is an international models & creative management agency, representing, promoting and licensing worldwide well-respected international models & artists in the fields of imaging and visual arts within the fashion, film and music industries. In addition, AgentRepresents offers creatives and clients full photographic production services and in-house studio facilities. The agency is founded by fashion photographer and film-maker Alexander Karmios, and collaborates with sister film production company Doublecabin Films.

    Alexander Karmios Photographer & FilmmakerAlexander Karmios
    Photographer & Filmma.
    Irene Kusnesz Kirsten Ciel Lauder Skyrah Palli
    Christina Kydonidi Tess Spentzos Jackson Gözde Zay Elisa Franzone
    Anastasia Stefanidou Christine Sidera Iliana Kolas Alicja Troushi
    Elisavet Karipidou Sylvie Beretin Sabrina Gehrmann Evelina Paruzel
    Afrodite Miroforidou