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    Teo Frantzanas is a photographer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. His work includes wedding and portrait photography. He is available for photography services as well as collaboration with other modeling professionals.

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    The Polyxromos Jo Photographer provides Professional Artistic Photography Portrait, Fashion, Advertising, Retouch, Art based Drama-Thessaloniki. Photography is his passion. Available for photography services!!! Ο Polyxromos Jo Photographer παρέχει Επαγγελματική Καλλιτεχνική Φωτογραφ..


    Ο Αλέξανδρος Λογαράς είναι φωτογράφος με έδρα την Αθήνα. Διαθέσιμος για πορτραίτα, book μοντέλων καθώς και διαφημιστική φωτογραφία.


    Lambros Kazan is a Portrait and Commercial Photographer, collaborating with seven agencies and selling his work all over the world.

    Photographers in Greece that can be hired for maternity photography. Their typical assignment is photoshoots during pregnancy. The model is the mother that is expecting, posing alone or along her husband. The end result aims to become a captured memory that the couple and their kids will view and enjoy in the future. The photos can be taken with maternity clothing, or partial nudity that reveals the mother’s belly and breasts. Expert maternity photographers are able to get genuine and beautiful poses from model-mothers that have no previous posing experience. The same photographers are usually also available for baby and children photography as well.